Tuesday, September 29, 2009


well i can see that it doesnt matter what i do. i will always be put down for every idea i have. i mean what is the point of people telling me that well that's not great or wait...havent you done that before? no oh well it seems like it and if it was its stupid. wow people give me a freakin bone huh. then you give me help by asking someone is is younger than me to help me out! what the fuck does that person know that i dont. wow people...wow

Monday, September 28, 2009

chill day kind of

well sitting in my dorm room alone kind of wishing i had my own place but at the same time i actually like having some peeps in my room to say hello to when i come home or have a good day when i leave. but privacy is also keen. i dunno

oh also i have to pay 334 dollars to my housing. we have financial aid and it pays it off then gives us the left over money from the loan but then a day after there is still money that hasn't been paid yet? who in the world is counting all the crap up? i mean wow. it says you must pay this much. we search for a loan then its all paid off, giving us some money left over but then we find out that there was money that wasn't paid!!!! sooo freakin dumb!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


its weird that i'm thinking about death but i mean it just seems like...is it like sleeping and dreaming for the rest of you life or falling asleep then waking up in heaven.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

God mother time

Kupokake Diary numba 1

Hello everyone,

This is my first time ever blogging. its pretty weird but its nice since i need a little vent done and its ok since i wont actually see the people i blog to and i need a stress reliever. i hope i spelled that right. hehe. Any ways i saw my godmother today and i haven't seen her in a while. well she hid the fact that she was pregnant from me and my mother so i was seeing her little accident for the first time. It was a beautiful baby girl and when she came out she was a three pound baby. When i held her it was all in her butt like big time. that's all the weight! I am hoping my baby will be a little bit bigger even though she was the cutest thing ever! I've always wondered how most kids can grow up to be 115 or so but then if they are a star or celeb on tv they only live to be 50 or less. i mean c'mon? there was a lady from LA who lived t be 115 living off of ice cream, fried chicken, and bacon. but heath ledger lived to be what in his 40's and was sleep deprived and barely ate. i mean ok they are artist ok i get that but i mean this lady was alive for so much and she did just fine. So i dont understand...maybe i'm jus being pushy.Well till next time kiddes!
Truly yours,